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Weekly Updates // 05/03/21
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28 Jan 2021
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04 Apr 2021

Hello there!


This week was a monumental week for PKTag! We broke several records and pushed many updates to the server!

We managed to reach our server cap of 50 players online at once, which is huge for a server like this!

I can safely say that we are now the largest Parkour Tag server, on Minehut!



- Added a new map: Nether Arena!

- Game Modifiers: Added game modifiers (Special events that can occur during games that modify different aspects of the game!) 

- Added Game Modifiers, Lunar (Modifies jump boost) and Speedster (Modifies speed)

- New discord server is now my main discord server, rather than a separate server.


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed bug where leaderboards would show "null"

- Fixed bug where scoreboard would flicker between N/A and the hunter during games

- Fixed bug where players could block-glitch into games using the spawn command

- Fixed bug where the tab list would show spectators as runners during games if they had been killed during the last 10 seconds of a game.


Thanks for playing with us this week, We will be sure to host many more events in the coming days!

ADMIN- Project Manager, Game Designer & Engineer



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